Disney Treasures Series 2

20 Mar

Disney Treasures series 1 was popular enough that later in 2003 Upper Deck released a series 2.  It followed the same basic format as series 1.  The basic set was made up of 100 cards, 58 of which were Disney Heroes,  32 Disney Villains and (new for series 2) 10 Lion King  retrospective cards.  Similar to series 1, series 2 featured an eclectic mix of characters from Disney animated films from the early 1990’s to the present day.   You can expect to find the basic set for $15 – $25.



In addition to the 100 card basic set there was also the following chase cards:  45 card Donald Duck Filmography series,  a 10 card Feature Celebration: Pinocchio series,  and 10 Reel Piece of History film cards.  New for series 2 are an additional 10 Reel Piece of History cards that feature not 2 but 4 pieces of film from 10 Disney animated films.  The Donald Duck Filmography cards were inserted almost one per pack and cover Donald’s career.  The Pinocchio cards were inserted  1 in every 10 packs.  The 2-piece Reel Piece of History film cards were inserted  1 in every 24 packs.   The 4-piece Reel Piece of History film cards were inserted 1 in every 96 packs (1: 4 boxes)  The Piece of History cards typically sell for $5 – $40 each.  The price is often determined by the popularity of the movie and the image that’s on the pieces of film.  The other chase cards typically can be found for $0.50 – $5 each, with the Donald Retrospective cards being the least expensive.


There were also more limited cards including a 2 Cut Signature cards of legendary Disney comic book artist Carl Banks.  Sketch cards returned, with a total of 168 for series 2.   The sketch cards were produced by  different Disney Animators, with each Animator only doing 12 cards.   The sketch cards were extremely hard to get and the odds of getting one were not stated.

The cards were sold in 24 pack boxes and also in packages with 1 of 4 different Donald Duck  mini-bobbers .  In the packages with the mini-bobbers you only received 4 packs of the cards.  The 24 pack boxes typically sell for $35 – $50.  The average price for boxes with the mini bobbers is $20.



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