1991 Darkwing Duck Promo Cards

11 Feb

In 1991 there were four different oversized promo cards produced for Darkwing Duck.  These were only available by purchasing the Darkwing Duck: His Favorite AdventuresVHS tapes.  There were two different VHS tapes released:  Darkly Dawns the Duck and Justice Ducks Unite!  Each video contained two different cards.   While there are many people selling the VHS tapes online, most of them are used and do not come with the promotional cards.  However, there are people selling just the cards for $4 – $5 each.

Card 1 – Darkwing Duck
Card 2 – Taurus Bulba
Card 3 – Launchpad McQuack
Card 4 – Bushroot

Darkwing Duck Promo Card 1

Darkwing Duck Promo Card 1


Disney’s Wild About Safety

11 Apr

In 1998 a guest was killed in a highly publicized accident involving Disneyland’s Columbia Ship.  The acccident, and Disney’s response to it, created a wave of negative media coverage for Disney properties.  As a result Disney partnered with Underwriters Laboratories Inc to create a safety campaign to address concerns about the safety of Disney parks.

    Titled “Disney’s Wild About Safety Campaign,” the entertaining and informative safety campaign stars the Lion King’s Timon and Pumbaa.   Much of the campaign was online but there were also activity books, theme-park maps, brochures, pins and trading cards created.  The on-line campaign is still active today  disneywildaboutsafety.com, but I do not believe the pins or trading cards are still available.   The trading card set was originally supposed to be 12 cards, but it’s actually a 15 card set. The trading card has Timon and Pumbaa showing guests what happens when you don’t follow the safety rules at the theme parks.  The cards were originally distributed by cast members in the parks.  You can find sets of them today for $10 – $15.

For me, part of the appeal of this set is that it’s all lineart.   Just about every other Disney character set that involves the theme park is photo-oriented.   Either the cards are of costumed characters at the park or they feature animated characters in front of a photo of an attraction at the park.  Since this set involves showing what happens to Timon and Pumbaa when they don’t follow the rules, it’s probably better that there are no actual theme park images.  After all, who wants to see an image of a broken or damaged ride?

Card Front

Card Back

Donruss 1965 Disneyland Set

4 Apr

In 1965 Donruss created a 66 card set that celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Disneyland.   There were actually 2 variations of this set.   The more common version one has images that form a big puzzle when put together. The image on the front of this card is slightly smaller than the “blue back” version as the puzzle version had to squeeze all the text on the front of the card The other version is known as the “blue back” as the backs of the cards are blue and have all the text on the back of the card.   The blue back version is harder to find and the more popular version of this series.

Front of a "puzzle back" card

Puzzle back card

As far as values go, condition plays a big part in how much you’ll pay per card.  Puzzle back cards range from $2 – $10, with graded cards usually going for $10 – $20 (depending on condition).  A graded card has been graded by a “professional” and comes encased in a plastic holder, that notes the condition, company that did the grading and card number.   For the blue backs, you can expect to pay double those prices.

Front and back of a "blue back" card
Image courtesy of http://vintagedisneyalice.blogspot.com/

When the packs were issued in 1965, they sold for 5cents each.  Today, you can expect to pay $25+ just for a wrapper.  Packs that have never been opened and still contain the cards sell for over $50.

Disneyland 1965 Gum Pack wrapper

Disney Holiday Treasures

31 Mar

In 2004 Upper Deck released the Disney Holiday Treasures trading card series.   It was a much smaller set compared to Disney Treasures Series 1-3, but it was much harder to put together.  Part of the problem came from the fact that packs were only sold with Mickey & Minnie mini-bobbers.  Each mini-bobber set came with 5 packs of cards and there were 5 cards per pack.  There were 50 cards in the set, which meant if you puchased all 3 of the mini-bobbers you should have enough cards for the set.  Unfortunately the world isn’t perfect and while you did get more than enough cards for a set,  the chances that those packs contained all the cards you needed were slim.

The set itself was broken down into “Holiday Classics”, “All Dolled Up”, Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol”,  “Hawaiian Holiday” and “Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas”.   Unlike previous Disney Treasure releases, the only other cards were a survey card and sketch cards.  This time there 14 different artists providing sketches and each artist only had 10 cards.  The artist list for this set was made up of the following:

Robert Heath

Anna Lee

Lee Loetz

Adam Ostegard

Peter Palijo

Olga Totieva

Jaime Tracht

Anthony Whitfield

John T. Quinn

Chantel Gentry

Dorota Kotarba_Mendez

Kelvin Nguyen

Dan Thompson

David Pacheco


The 50 card set sells in the $25-$30 range.  The boxes with the mini-bobbers and 5 packs of cards typically sell for $20.

Card fronts for cards from the "All Dolled Up", "Hawaiian Holiday" and "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" subsets


Card backs from the "All Dolled Up", "Hawaiian Holiday" and "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" subsets.


Card fronts from the "Holiday Classics" and "Mickey's Christmas Carol" subsets.

Walt Disney World 30th Anniversary

26 Mar

In 2001 Disney released a 31 card set to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.  The cards were sold in packs that contained 5 cards and they were only available at Disney World.  The packs originally retailed for $3.00 each.  To try and make it easier for people to finish their sets, you could also trade for the cards you needed at designated “card trading locations” in the park.  The cards are un-numbered and the only checklist is found on the back of the wrapper.

UPDATE:  Disney also released complete sets of the 30th Anniversary Trading Cards, in a tin litho Collector’s box. Limited to 5,000, the set included an exclusive, 31st card showing a pre-opening art rendition of Cinderella’s Castle by Herb Ryman.  This set originally sold for $30.00.

There are also rumors of cast member exclusive cards for this series but I have not been able to confirm this at the moment.

Wrapper from one of the packs

The front of card 1

The back of card 1

Disney Treasures Series 2

20 Mar

Disney Treasures series 1 was popular enough that later in 2003 Upper Deck released a series 2.  It followed the same basic format as series 1.  The basic set was made up of 100 cards, 58 of which were Disney Heroes,  32 Disney Villains and (new for series 2) 10 Lion King  retrospective cards.  Similar to series 1, series 2 featured an eclectic mix of characters from Disney animated films from the early 1990’s to the present day.   You can expect to find the basic set for $15 – $25.



In addition to the 100 card basic set there was also the following chase cards:  45 card Donald Duck Filmography series,  a 10 card Feature Celebration: Pinocchio series,  and 10 Reel Piece of History film cards.  New for series 2 are an additional 10 Reel Piece of History cards that feature not 2 but 4 pieces of film from 10 Disney animated films.  The Donald Duck Filmography cards were inserted almost one per pack and cover Donald’s career.  The Pinocchio cards were inserted  1 in every 10 packs.  The 2-piece Reel Piece of History film cards were inserted  1 in every 24 packs.   The 4-piece Reel Piece of History film cards were inserted 1 in every 96 packs (1: 4 boxes)  The Piece of History cards typically sell for $5 – $40 each.  The price is often determined by the popularity of the movie and the image that’s on the pieces of film.  The other chase cards typically can be found for $0.50 – $5 each, with the Donald Retrospective cards being the least expensive.


There were also more limited cards including a 2 Cut Signature cards of legendary Disney comic book artist Carl Banks.  Sketch cards returned, with a total of 168 for series 2.   The sketch cards were produced by  different Disney Animators, with each Animator only doing 12 cards.   The sketch cards were extremely hard to get and the odds of getting one were not stated.

The cards were sold in 24 pack boxes and also in packages with 1 of 4 different Donald Duck  mini-bobbers .  In the packages with the mini-bobbers you only received 4 packs of the cards.  The 24 pack boxes typically sell for $35 – $50.  The average price for boxes with the mini bobbers is $20.


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17 Mar

I’ve started a Facebook group to discuss Disney Trading cards as well.  It’s designed not only as a place for information, but a place where you can post Disney cards you’re looking for.  The name of the group is Disney Trading Cards.  I believe the below link will take you to it.